Summer Air Conditioning Care

Did you know that for your air conditioning to perform at  it’s best during the dog days of summer it needs to be set on MAX Air.  To maintain comfortable cabin temperatures, your a/c system requires a larger percentage of air to be recirculated.

In-car air quality is important to the health of the driver and passengers.  Studies have shown that a typical car has 283 different types of bacteria present.  The inside of a car can be disinfected periodically to help keep this under control.  It will also help prevent the mold from accumulating on the evaporator core (along with the odor).  On some cars, there is a filter for the ac system called a cabin air filter.  It will need to be replaced periodically to ensure the system stays clean and works well.

And last but not least have your vehicle’s air conditioning system checked annually by a professional to ensure any small problems can be taken care of before they become a major problem.

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