Computer System History
Beginning in the early 1980’s, in order to meet Federal standards, car manufacturers began using computers, sensors and other electronically controlled devices to the fuel and ignition systems.  Since that time, many more computer systems have been added to vehicles. Engines, transmissions, antilock brakes, traction control, air bags along with climate control systems use computers.
In order to accurately diagnose problems the first time, it takes the proper equipment and a properly trained technician.  An ongoing training program helps our technicians stay up to date with todays vehicles. Southern Automotive employs the use of Factory diagnostic equipment for our customers vehicles.
Know what your warning lights mean:
Engine Symbol or check engine light means that there is a problem in the engine management system. If this light is flashing, the vehicle should not be driven as damage can result.
Air Bag symbol or SRS light; Many times if this light is on the air bag will not deploy if involved in an accident.  This should always be check by a repair facility.
Brake light, Antilock, or ABS;   Usually means there is a problem in the antilock part of the braking system. The brakes should continue to function, however the portion of the brakes which prevents skidding or sliding may not operate.

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