Details By Kevin

Hand Wash                                           $31.95

Full hand wash – Dress tires & wheels * Clean door jambs

*Vacuum interior complete * Clean windows, inside and out

*Clean dash, console, door panels

Hand Wash with Interior Detail             $69.95 & up

Full hand wash

*Shampoo carpet and upholstery

*Treatment of all weather-stripping

Wash & Wax                                         $79.95 & up

Full hand wash

*Hand wax using premium wax

Wash & Wax 2                                      $89.95 & up

Full hand wash

*Hand wax using La Cera Amarilla wax

Full Detail                                            $139.95 & up

Complete Interior and Exterior detail

*Clean trunk compartment

*Clean and dress engine area

*Clean & dress wheel wells

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